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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Historic Signing


The Gillingham makes a historic signing! I really did not expect to get it but it has happened, Ronaldinho Gaucho, a genius of world football, has joined our humble project. 
"Dinho" had no continuity at Arsenal, and a player of his stature always needs to play and feel important. 

The Brazilian star has spoken with the press in his presentation:

"...I am very happy to be here. all have received me very well, with love, it's really impressive to affection I received. I hope to give back what they give me...."

"...I'm 100% and ready to play tomorrow against QPR. I know it's a difficult game, but we have to start our stadium to win every game...."

"...I know the situation is not the team that was expected, but you must understand that is just knowing the Division 3, we must have patience. I think that over the team matches will be adapting to this category, and the results will start coming slowly. Here are great players, I hope to bring mine so that together we can come out ahead and meet the objectives..."


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