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Welcome to the WRITERS' AREA of the EC7046 Blog.

This section is a step by step guide to help make it easier for new writers' to publish an article.

Once you accept your invite, You will be given a (200x150) club logo code to use in step 4 (but you can use your own 200x150 logo, if you have one)

You can now add articles by clicking on the NEW POST area on sidebar of the blog, then sign-in

From here, follow these steps:

1.  Click orange box with NEW POST on it to get to edit area
2.  Hover over the icons until you see the add image tab and click it
3.  Select a file on left side of page - click FROM A URL
4.  Paste your 200x150 club logo code  in the Paste an image url here box (starts with http://)
5.  Click ADD SELECTED button
6.  Centre your image then write below it adding photo or video if you want (optional)
7.  Once you have finished writing your article, click the orange PUBLISH button.


If you have a long article which needs to be in DRAFT before completed at later date.

When starting your article, add your 200x150 image at top and centre it.
Then write your story below it, you can complete later if it's too long, you can also add more images or video at later date (optional)

In order for the 200x150 image to show in the Most Popular Post area, it needs to be added first when doing an article