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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

D3 Team Reviews Part 5


Today I am looking at Doncaster, Sheffield W, Derby, Hartlepool and Millwall


Managed by Daz
(195 games/average of 1.50 points)

Doncaster are currently laying in 20th place. Out of all cup comps. No depth in this team, weak defense and midfield could do with a few decent wingers and another striker. Very tiny squad and no surprise they are last. They are on a very bad run of results of 6 defeats in last 6 games.

Player to watch
Ralf (DM) - 5 goals in 19 games.

My opinion
Doncaster have a tiny quad with no depth and I can't see them going no where apart from getting relegated. Improvement is needed quick if they are to have any chance.


Managed by Real Khai
(114 games/average of 2.04 points)

Currently laying in 16th place and out of all cup competitions. Not a bad team to be honest. Need to sort their LB situation out, and get in a few more strikers as 1 striker is far from enough to help them out. In a bad run of form with 3 defeats in last 3 games.

Player to watch
Arango (AMCL) - 2 goals, 5 assists in 9 games.
Could make a big difference as he has been in fantastic form.

My opinion
They could be doing a little better with he decent squad they have. Could do with strengthening but I think they don't need to worry about relegation as much as some other clubs. They have enough to see them out of trouble. 


Managed by Joao Moutinho Ronaldinho
(270 games/average of 1.74 points)

Currently laying in 18th place and out of all cup competitions. Last six results explain the team really, with 2 wins, 2 draws and 2 defeats. Not good enough for promotion, but good enough to stay out relegation battle so really they should look at mid table finish if they can bring in a few decent players soon. They lack depth, very small squad but have some real talented players on their books.

Player to watch
LLORENTE, Moreno - 7 goals in 17 games
He ain't the only world class player in this team, personally I think he is doing poorly is this league. Think that's down more to the squad depth.

My opinion
Squad they have is tiny, no depth there really, but have some very quality players available that could well save them and improve their league position. Could see them as a mid table team or even promotion contenders if they added more depth to this team but then again the high wages and low money at the club, will be holding them back big style. This could well be shock relegation battle to come for the manager, but I think most of us wouldn't be so shocked. Have to add, what the hell are they doing with 7 goalkeepers in this team? Seriously?!


Managed by Ryan Holmes W
(66 games/average of 1.48 points)

Currently laying in 17th place and out of all cup competitions. Had pretty bad start to the season, couldn't get a decent run of results together. Till recently where they have been doing very well, why they have climbed from 20th to 17th so quick. They have a very decent squad, maybe adding 1 or 2 more wingers and a couple strikers could help them achieve greater results.  

Player to watch
Huszti - 4 goals, 7 assists in 18 games

My opinion
Very good squad, I was surprised to see them laying last a few weeks ago, but not surprised to see them rise up the league as well as they are. Few more players in could help them even catch a playoff spot if they can keep this good form going. No relegation battle for them in my opinion.


Managed by Craig Braidwood
(259 games/average of 1.68 points)

Currently laying in 13th place, also out of all cup competitions. Pretty decent team, just needs more depth in the midfield so a few wingers would help. Maybe a couple decent strikers could really make Millwall a far more dangerous opposition. Been in good form in recent weeks apart from the defeat they suffered this week, winning 3 and drawing 2 out of the last 6 games.

Player to watch
Chamakh - 7 goals in 18 games

My opinion
Decent team, as mentioned above the wings and strikers situation could be improved. Knowing the manager Craig well now, I know he has been trying very hard to improve this squad over the last few weeks. His hard work has paid off as you can see from the results in last 6 games. Always told him he wouldn't have to worry about being caught in the relegation battle, and now after the recent improvement I stick to what I said.

This concludes the review for Div 3, hope you guys have enjoyed reading it as much as I have writing it.

Please note that these are my sole opinions and I don't judge you guys on the way you manage and do your business with your teams.

Wish you all the best for the season.


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