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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Palacio set for Preston


Rodrigo Palacio set for Preston after second deal between Hull City and the team from Deepdale.He came in a deal for Eljero Elia+L.Cavanda.We needed another top striker along with A.Matri and Palacio is the man for us.Preston fans are more than happy because they don't like Elia and his attitude so Palacio can bring the records with Matri and make the fans from Deepdale happy.But it's another world-class player and we still have players like: Musacchio,Mcgregor,Sam,Trasch,Noboa...We're ready for next season for sure but maybe some players from second team will leave but this doesn't matter as first team it's almost ready.We'll use Palacio in tonight game vs Swansea and lets see what he can but....he can to win a match alone and we saw this at Genoa and at Hull.He played 32 matches and scored 6 and got 9 assists for Hull City.We're looking to double his stats in this next season because he have the potential to do it and we have the players to put him in the real value.Elia it's still out for 3 weeks after that injuried and that was one of the main reason why we gave him the permission to leave in Division 3 football at Hull.Palacio don't want to play in Divison 3 and his Value it's too high for Division 3 really.

Almost 20,000 people came to see Palacio presentation.That's mean how much the fans trust in Preston powers to bring a place in first season of EPL.We want to see the same trust when Championship will start but we know the fans will help us to bring the glory on Deepdale.Maybe Palacio isn't the final sign for us but our team it's ready for Championship and with the new world-class striker,Palacio,every team from Division 2 must be scary.


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