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Friday, 14 October 2011

Diego Ribas-The new play-maker of Preston


Diego Ribas will join Preston after easy negotiatons with new West Ham United manager,Sean.Diego played so far for 2 teams,Burnley where he played 22 matches,scored 14 and got 7 assists.His second club was West Ham United where he played 27 matches,scored 5 and got 6 assists.His 3rd club it's Preston...and he come for a ,,big price'' for a little team like us.7,500,000+Trasch for our new play-maker.We really need a good play-maker as Kallstrom it's more a central midfielder than a Play-Maker.Hope he'll make the deadly couple along with Matri and will kill every defence from Division 2.His technique and his class will help a lot Preston and the fans from Deepdale are execited because Diego it's from now..even if he didn't play 1 match the best Player ever from Preston.Diego at 26 years old with at least 4 years with football at big level he can prove what he can at Preston...and he can to win alone a match.Lets just leave him to prepare for the new season and lets hope he'll broke every record as a play-maker.


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