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Monday, 18 August 2014




Nikica JELAVIC has agreed to join MILLWALL and the deal will be completed within the next 24 hours.

It is understood to be a swap deal with SILVA and VUKCEVIC.

  • Rumours are that MILLWALL will be selling MOVSISYAN after his recent lack of discipline 

Saturday, 16 August 2014

WillC forced to take French classes



*Stockport County News*
Saturday, August 16th 2014

Stockport manager, WillC has taken his obsession with France to the next level, signing 8 French players in the past few days. The impromptu decision has left Stockport County officials in a difficult position, scrambling for French translators within the community.
Stockport County fans have reacted negatively to the deals, claiming that too much cash was spent on long term projects rather than improving the first team squad for the upcoming season. The Hatters forked out $4.6M for M.POUNDJE, $4.1M for L.NANGIS and $3.6M for J.AMAVI to name a few.
With a squad consisting entirely of foreigners, WillC has rejected claims that miscommunication will be an issue. It is believed that the Stockport County manager has enrolled in French Studies at the University of Manchester so we can at least confirm that he's passionate about his job.

The 8 French players joining the club

Stockport County Manager, WillC wrote:
"Well, I love food and I also love the French accent. Saying "Bon Appetit" before I eat has become a tradition of mine and everyone calls me a lunatic for it. I am very self conscious so having these 8 French players in the squad is a definite plus! I know who I'll be sitting with at the dinner table."
The squad rebuild looks set to continue with another 9 players set to join Stockport in the coming hours. This includes Dutch pair, A.TAMATA and S.BERGHUIS who are almost certain to join the Division 4 club pending medical tests.

[L-R]82 rated Defender, Abel Tamata and 83 rated Winger, Steven Berghuis will join Stockport on 1 year deals.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Stockport Manager Concedes: Season Over



Stockport County News
Friday, August 15th 2014

Just his 2nd week on the job, club manager WillC has pulled out a major shock in the Stockport community, conceding that Stockport County's season 11 campaign was officially over, despite the season yet to commence!

It is believed that the majority of The Hatters squad is on the outer with the manager, with club officials warning loyal fans to expect a lot of transfer activity over the coming hours.

This comes after reports of the club in crisis mode where a majority of the players have refused to participate in training just days out from the opening league match. The players have demanded an apology and a 'please explain' over the lack of professionalism shown in the sacking of former Vice Captain, Thiago NEVES.

Stockport Manager, WillC said:
"This player revolt is absurd and childish. The owners and I have come to the conclusion that a complete rebuild is necessary. Due to a lack of funding, it may take several seasons to complete my 'dream team'."
The only players expected to survive the squad clean-out is 70 rated AM, D.SERNA and 87 rated CM, N.KRSTICIC. Stockport County may face expulsion from the SMFA if they do not acquire the minimum 21 players by tomorrow.

[L-R] SERNA and KRSTICIC were the only players who refused to join the 'dark side'



The positive news is that Stockport County have lured Italian wonderkid A.ROMAGNOLI away from Atletico Paranaense to Division 4 of EC7046. ROMAGNOLI was set to join his new team AS Roma later this week but a last ditch plea from Stockport County officials was enough to sway his mind.
Stockport manager WillC believes the 19 year old defender will play an important part in the squads season 11 campaign.

"In Alessio we have a player that leads by example who will drive the players around him with his enthusiasm for the game. Romagnoli was on the top of my list for a marquee and as soon as I knew we had a chance we acted quickly to sign him."

Alessio Romagnoli, 82 rated Defender will be a key figure in Stockport County's Season 11 campaign.

A tireless worker, ROMAGNOLI has represented Italy on multiple occasions at U16, U17, U19 & U21 levels. Romagnoli's scintillating form saw him make a starting debut for The Azzurri in the 2014 Season 11 World Cup.
Besiktas starlet K.FREI and FC Krasnodar workhorse Y.GAZINSKY will also join Stockport County on multi million dollar deals.

[L-R] 84 rated attacking midfielder Karim Frei , 83 rated defensive midfielder Yuri Gazinskiy

Club Legend, Thiago Neves Sacked




Breaking News

Stockport County have dumped vice captain Thiago NEVES, just a few days after the sacking of former head coach, Pinkman (Forum).

New Manager WillC has advised that NEVES, had failed to impress and could not be guaranteed a spot on the bench let alone in the starting XI. It is believed that NEVES had turned down a lucrative offer to become the waterboy so his future at Stockport appears to be over.

NEVES made 152 appearances for The Hatters as well as a 17 game stint with Rotherham United back in Season 6. His outstanding haul of 50 goals and 51 assists over this period as a midfielder made him a cult figure amongst the Stockport County faithful. He was the players and supporters player of the year for the last two years which makes this announcement all the more surprising. 

Stockport Manager, WillC said:
"Wasn't a hard decision. NEVES was a great leader but unfortunately his footballing skills were not up to my standards."

Club legend Thiago NEVES 88, heading home.

Bury set for life in Division Two

It's been tough times for Bury Football Club in the past 18 months after narrowly avoiding relegation in Season 9 with a miraculous recovery in the final few games. The same couldn't be said for last season as Bury succumbed to the drop with a shambolic effort shown in the final few games. Bury have always had a bare thin squad and nothing has changed since I arrived due to the low gate receipts meant we were always fighting off the taxman with a stick. I'm hoping the chairman pulls his finger out and increases the ground in the near future it would pay dividends if he did. So down to team talk and Bury have a starting 11 capable of challenging for promotion in this league without a shadow of a doubt it's whether we can rely on the squad players to put the shift in too. We will be looking to the loan system this year and to the larger clubs to see if we can borrow another player or two for the season. Leno,Garay and Remy will all sign new contracts at the club since we never received a bid worthy of taking in the close season, Remy's goals will be vital to us. So far three new signings have arrived but all are youth players Dom Poleon,Tyrone Mings and George Saville (no relation to Jimmy) All three are young English stars and we hope they can rise a few points at the club. Spanish Maestro Esteban Granero will be allowed to leave the club if we can find a suitable buyer as we really need cash to strengthen our flagging forward line. Bury look forward to welcoming Northanpton to Gigg lane on Saturday and we now look forward to seeing what Division 2 has in store for us. We will blog every game this season so you wont miss out on any Bury news.

Stockport County Unveil New Manager


Stockport County Unveil New Manager
Breaking News

Stockport County have gone down under to land their new boss - and have unveiled Australian WillC as the man to replace caretaker coach Pinkman (Forum).
Pinkman (Forum) was unable to impress Stockport County officials in his short tenure at the club. Ultimately, Poor results and a failure to check-in to the club over the past 30 days proved to be his eventual downfall.
This comes after the infamous departure of former Stockport County manager Tony (Forum), who walked out on the club earlier this season to take over Burton Albion in division 3.


It is reported that Stockport County fans have welcomed the relegation of Burton Albion to division 4 and have begun making Anti-Tony Tifo's in preparation for their upcoming home and away fixtures next season. New Stockport County manager WillC, has vehemently denied any bad blood between the two fan bases, despite being caught on tape handing out "Rise against Tony" flyers around the Greater Manchester region.

"Rise against Tony" rally in Stockport

Stockport County Manager, WillC said:
"We are a small club and I'm just doing what I can in terms of marketing. I have nothing to do with these flyers."
The Australian born manager is currently with the Italian national team for their upcoming World Cup campaign and will return to Stockport later this week to begin pre-season training.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Gray season for The Reds


Gray season for The Reds

Average could be the word to describe Barnsley's latest season. Taking only 1 point out of the last 5 games, The Reds ended up 12th place in Div3 with 50 points, 10 points away from relegation and 11 points away from playoffs.

"We have a good working group, with a lot of ambition despite the experience. We definitely lack in depth and some youngster irreverence, both things that we need to work on." said Marcos in the new season press conference. "Unfortunately no major changes are taking place, mostly because financial health is a real concern for us, so we will have to reinvent ourselves and see where that can take us" he continued.

Regarding transfers, "Ricardo Costa is on the market, as he showed interest in leaving the team, we are open to proposals for him - expecting to make some cash".

"I would also like to take the opportunity to wish good luck to the other teams and managers, now that we are approaching fast the beginning of the competition! Our first official appearance will be at home against Blackpool, team that unfortunately ended up relegated last season. Hard working is in place so we can have a good start!" Marcos ended up saying.

Another difficult and challenging season seems to be ahead for the Oakwell side.

Monday, 4 August 2014

English Championship 7046's Top 25 League Goal Scorers


As the curtain of the 10th season in English Championship 7046 closes, it is time to take a look at who the game world's top league scorers of all time are. The table below has been divided into different categories; each one filled with different types of statistics of the top 25 league goal scorers to date. These statistics are entirely based on players in the top 25 league goal scorers table, and not on those outside of the table. There may (and most likely will) be players out there with more assists, and possibly even some with more MOTM Awards, than some of the players in the table, but this 'study' is based on the statistics of the top 25 league goal scorers entirely, and nobody else.

For example, Gareth Bale (who else would I choose?) currently has 166 league assists, which, when compared to the table below, would see him way out in front in the 'assists' category. However, as he has only scored 89 league goals, and the lowest goal scorer on the table has scored 100 league goals (let's just take this time to appreciate that nice, round figure), his assists statistic is not included in the table. Does everyone follow? I know you do, but what good 'study' doesn't come with a longwinded introduction?

Rooney in Red! 

So it's official: Wayne Rooney is the highest goal scorer in English Championship 7046 history to date. The Englishman, who has played for both halves of Manchester, as well as his current club Liverpool, has racked up an impressive 337 appearances in 10 seasons. During these appearances, he has also managed to assist 127 goals and collect 71 MOTM (Man of the Match) awards, which sees him out in front in both of those categories too. It's fair to say that the 28 year old should be considered one of the greatest players in 7046 history to date, as could the man in 2nd in the goal scoring table.

Whilst that man, Emanuel Adebayor, has scored ten goals less than Wayne Rooney, it is important to take into consideration that he has played 100 less games than him too. That's right, 100. One Hundred. That, in itself, is astonishing when you take into account the African's goal scoring, assists and MOTM stats, which surely has us all wondering whether or not he, himself, would be top of the goal scoring table instead of Rooney had be played the same amount of games as the Englishman. Let's be honest, with the sort of form he has produced over the first 10 seasons, it is highly unlikely that Adebayor would, hypothetically, score ten goals at the very most had he also featured in 337 games so far, but who can really call that until it actually happens? I'm afraid this table isn't based on hypothetical stats, but every credit goes to Tottenham's first two managers Ben Clifford and BaDa Boom, John Henry (currently of Bristol City where Adebayor plays his trade), and of course Anthony at Carlisle, whom Adebayor spent most of his time under in English Championship 7046, for getting the very best out of the four club man. The Togo international is sure to join Wayne Rooney in the 7046 history books, as will the likes of Robin Van Persie, Luis Suarez and Antonio Di Natale, etc.

A Familiar External Face

Remember Roman Pavlyuchenko? Remember how he dominated English football in his first few seasons at Bristol City, before being sold to Watford at the start of season four? Well, you certainly will now if you had forgotten about the Russian and his former glories. Sean O'Neil, known as many in 7046 as 'Shack', inherited Pavlyuchenko as part of his Bristol City squad in late 2010, although I doubt he, and anyone else for that matter, could have predicted just how much of an impact he would make. Under Shack, the 32 year old notched up an impressive 59 goals in just 67 appearances, which put Bristol City well on their way to Division One, and even helped them maintain their place in the division. We've heard of one season wonders plenty of times before, but this lad certainly wasn't one of those, and he will go down in the 7046 history books as one of the most surprise packages to date.

What is he doing now, I heard you ask? Well, Pavlyuchenko is living life on the edge in the potentially future war zone that is Russia. Unlike most fellow 30+ year old footballers, who opt for a more chilled out life in countries like Australia and America before retiring, the Russian returned home during season 8 to sign for Lokomotiv Moscow, although perhaps regrettably so now. Dare anyone take a chance on the 86 rated player in hope of rekindling his form in England? Only time will tell.

With 127 overall league goals in 7046 (in England), Roman Pavlyuchenko is ranked joint 12th in the goal scoring table. 

The Not-So-Mediocre Middle

Coming mid-table is always seen as a good achievement. Well it is, at least, if you are aiming to finish in mid-table or are overachieving in doing so. So, with that in mind, I think it goes without saying that some of the names in the middle of the table can be proud of their accomplishments, as can their managers, both past and current.

As one of only two non-forwards to make the goal scoring table (along with Andres Iniesta - it's an achievement to even be mentioned in the same breath in itself), Mousa Dembele is a player that can do a bit of everything. If he's not assisting players from just behind the strike force or deeper in midfield, the Belgian is netting goals for his current club Walsall and their manager Tony Harman, and in abundance at that. It's not hard to see why Harman holds the talisman in such high esteem, following comments he made that suggested he thought Dembele would be in this table. Well, Tony, he is, and he's well up there at that. It's also worth pointing out that he is one place above, and one goal better off, than Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Much like being mentioned in the same breath as Iniesta, that is an accomplishment in itself.

Joining Moussa Dembele and Zlatan Ibrahimovic at the half way mark are Danny Welbeck (another surprise package), Kevin Kuranyi (another one...) and Bojan Krkic (...and again), etc.

High Scoring at the Bottom

This table proves that being in 'last' place, or those places just above last, isn't always something to be embarrassed about. It perhaps goes to show how much of a great game world English Championship 7046 is when the 25th highest league goal scorer has netted 100 times! You're sure to be happy if you're a fan of betting on each team to score with the amount of goals that have built 7046's legacy.

The likes of Stefan Kiessling, Stevan Jovetic and midfield maestro Andres Iniesta, etc. make up the final third of our goal scoring table.

I'm afraid that is all, boys and girls. I have to say I thought writing this out was a lot more fun than first imagined, as was the research that went into doing the table, so I hope you found reading (or just looking at the tables) enjoyable.