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Saturday, 2 July 2011

New Spur's Boss Speaks For The First Time At The Club


Wow! No way did I ever think by midnight tonight I would be recieving a call from a club as big as Tottenham asking me to take over as manager. But before I get into anything to do with the future, I would like to say a few words about Joe Robinson, who as you all know suprisingly resigned tonight. Joe was a great lad to talk too and you don't have to look any further than Spurs to show were he kept his heart and soul. Infact in my own way inspired to Joe not just as a manager but as a sociable figure too.
We used to have a laugh about completely anything whether it be football to hot manly bubble baths hahahaha. He even loaned me Kyle Walker, who in my time at Tranmere was a very key player to the side so thankyou also for him Joe. Thanks so much for the good time's Joe and I promise not to let you down....if I do then you may well have to drown me in one of those special baths! Good luck mate and I wish you the best with your future life choices.

The new manager also went on to talk about his future plans for the club and his time at Tranmere.

To start off with I would like to give big shout outs to Joe himself, Fulham manager Dom Latouche and Manchester United boss Simon who all helped me out this season with loan players. Thanks ever so much guys, you three are one of the main reasons the team got where they are today! Especially you Dom, ever since I became manager of Tranmere you have helped me a lot whether it be with scouting, loans, heck you name it, you've helped me with it haha! So an even bigger shout out goes to you mate, I look forward to seeing what your truly made of and I look forward to our game at the lane!

This season I hope to retain a spot in the top four at least as I know the players here are very much capable of doing that. We currently sit in 1st and a point in front of Chelsea but I just want to clear up that my main aim this season is noth the title. This is thoroughly because I do not feel I have the confidence and ability that Joe had before me, though with the team I have been handed I could fully see us pulling it off in seasons to come. Yes the squad is capable of winning trophies, yes it is capable of clinching the title this season but I just wanted to make it clear to all the Spurs fans that I will be trying my best to do what you the fans think is right because without you, the club wouldn't be what it is today.


  1. wow, the TOP team in EC7046 at present.

    Brings a different pressure to the job at Tranmere but I'm sure you'll enjoy the challenge in Div-1

  2. good luck @ Spurs mate