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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Fulhams paradise


Fulham after great expectation of last season were crumbling under pressure after a terrible start that saw them last for 2 weeks and the middlesbourgh manager jooles dawson and newcastle boss carl spurrier's and manchester utd very public and very critical outburst's on Dominic's tactic's and purchase's this season with pedro being described as a 'flop' and micheal carrick who was described as ''passed his cell by date''and one described Dominic as a walking tightrope

Fulham's boss Dominic Latouche has said '' All the noise about my position and my players has spurred us on to do great things , we always keep believing in ourselves to get out of the mess just like last season , we had a change of formation and the players have really taken to it like a duck to water and have really made my job easy as I have a fantastic bunch of players here with great spirit and have a great winning mentality.

''We are doing a lot better than I expected as it's a very tough league with great managers , Fulham are now a huge force in the premier with us being 6th in the table and only 2 points behind second. Im very proud of this squad's continuing progression and hope we can achieve the high league finish this team's truely desevered. I see the fulham's bashers have been a bit quiet , hope that stays that way.'''


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