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Thursday, 17 February 2011



Bristol city are a club who finished as play-off finalist's who eventually got defeated by ipswich.

Bristol city's climb to the top has been very rocky as they started very poorly in the 1st season as Jonny lake managed 35 games before being eventually sacked as they were no where near the playoffs which was the target as they spent vast amounts of cash. Then they employed a dud manager Balls as he lost his 1st game 6-1 and eventually quitting after the shame of losing came too much for him.

Bristol city's time was coming as there love affair was starting when they employed there eventual hero Shack o'neill who was working under very limited funds as he tryed to battle relegation but the change was immediate as he not only was relegated but his city went on a absolute stunning run of 11 unbeaten to push himself to there playoffs.

Bristol's city's wildest dreams were starting to unfold there were in the playoffs , Playing at the biggest stage they one there first playoff semi final 3- 1 and then they played Ipswich only to have there hearts broken by losing in the 90 minute 2-1

Shack must be thinking thats the best thing to happen in his career as he's preparing and building a brillant squad that will be premier league ready whilst ipswich are struggling badly. Shack has built up a world class side which includes the worlds and premier leagues best in Ryan shawcross , Jermaine defoe , Roman pavuchenko , Robbie keane , Brad freidel and this is all very quality players to play in the championship

Bristol city have a very good squad packed out with quality all over the pitch , there's no weak spot they need to address it is very nice and balanced. The spine of the side through the middle is the best in the division with Frediel , corluka, shawcross , muntari , palacios and of course frontman Jermaine defoe , pavluchenko and keane who is interestly been used as a cm

Bristol city's point dropping have come when they are usally in control but have a lack of discipline shown in the last defeat. They need to cut out silly mistakes like that and they will be unbeatable there is not one glaring weakness in the side apart from that

Shack has proved to be a fine young manager outside the top flight who has done an amazing job reviving city's fortunes with his spot on tactics and his purchase's who have been outstanding. Shack has a very direct way which he set teams out to attack so has brought wisely in recruiting goal machine defoe. Shack has proven top quality and deserves a crack in the big time with or without city.

Bristol city have all the tools to become a premier league side , The manager , good sized stadia , fianance and great support. City will need to carry on this great run of form as they are severely underpressure to succeed as they strengthened very well. They will hope to keep shack as there manager for many years too come as he and city look to embark on a great legacy at the club. Thus continuing city's love affair with shack


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