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Saturday, 22 January 2011



Manager Daniel Pontoux of Brentford believes that Leicester City is going to be the most successfull club in Division 3 play for the season, unless all other clubs in the division begin to attack them in strategic fashion.

"This is a power packed club with a good manager. So ya goin up gainst good players an good strategy. They have good stable defense, and an even better midfield and forward they throw it at ya 100% with aggressive and direct play for 90 minutes."

Leicester is #1 in Division 3 with a 4 point lead above the #2 club. They are undefeated in Division play. On average they control 54% of ball possession per match and shoot on goal an average of 12 times per match, and thats pretty good considering their front three perform at a near 8.0 per match. Once they get the ball between the centerfield and opponents goal, they can toy with you at leisure. This is because they have that superior front 3 and a brickwall for a midfield..a midfield that performs on average at 8.30.

"If ya can get beyond their midfield, ya have a chance as their performace breaks down a bit, but not alot. Brentford is de only club to have beaten them in ball possession 55% to their 45%. Unfortunately, we lost that match 3-2. However, there was a severe mismatch in talent..and Brentford performed very well for what we had."

"I think to really play these guys ya got ta break down their aggressive attack..If ya run a basic 4-4-2 wid normal tactics..or any other neutral style formation,,they ganna run ova you. Ya gotta play em very defensively...mark em hard ya know breath down their necks an stay on top of em when they on the move. They seem to like the 3-4-1-2, which is very solid formation for a talented club. Their wings are explosive, especially on the right side. A very defensive 4-4-2 or 5-4-1 I believe breaks down their attack..and the idea of short passin with these guys in midfield or on the flanks ta me is playin into their hands..I feel a strong defense to break down their attack and a long ball to catch em off guard an by suprise near the goal where they are slightly weaker overall can do de trick fer de right club." I don think this is a guaranteed victory formula, but over an over again..the competition will be tougher..they will get frustrated, nervous because of the closer matches an try somethin else..lose a couple of matches an fall apart.."


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