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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The quality of an EC7046 Manager

As the Division 3 relegation battle hots up. I thought I'd write about how difficult EC7046 actually is.

I took over Millwall when they were near the bottom of the table because of the challenge ahead. This challenge has been very difficult for me - I'd say my hardest challenge so far.

I took my EAST FIFE team in SC80 from Div-4 to 4th top of Div-1, a fine record. So, I based my Millwall team on my East Fife blueprint. However, the EC7046 setup has been really difficult for me. Why ? Is it my tactics ? Have I purchased bad players ?

The reason is simple, I found managers in EC7046 to be total quality when they select their formations and tactics. EC7046 managers are tactically aware and hard to beat. My Millwall team still struggle as I try to outwit each manager - which hasn't worked so far.

Yes, this is a tough league to be in and I'm enjoying it and hope to stay up. THE QUALITY OF AN EC7046 MANAGER has to be the reason that I'm struggling. As the saying goes "it's tough at the top" but it's even tougher at the other end of the table.


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