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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The 'Equality' of an EC7046 Manager


Like it? See what I did there? I added an ‘E’ to Craig’s last title. For good reason too. It’s hard to speak to the quality of EC7046 managers, maybe he's right and they’re all good, maybe they’re all bad, or perhaps, as is likely, it's a little bit of both.

But if you look at the division 4 playoff race at least there’s one thing for sure – they’re all pretty much as equally good or equally bad as one another (the dominance of Oldham, Bury, and Hartlepool aside).

With just 6 points separating 6th placed Brighton (before today’s games) from 15th placed Dagenham the playoff race really is wide open. That’s 10 teams challenging for that one spot (more if you include those spots above 6th, still well within reach of many). That’s crazy!

With equally interesting races going on at all levels of EC7046 it’s going to be a fascinating last 4/5 games for sure. But for now, hats off to all the managers working so hard in the lower leagues. It’s easy for anyone to stick it out with one of the bigger boys, but such dedication and effort with little resources at a small club really makes EC7046 what it is.

Great work lads, kudos to you and keep it up!


  1. Not one word of Accrington Stanley then, what do we have to do to get noticed?

  2. Accrington Stanley? Who are they? Exactly!

    Maybe you've got to be 6th or 15th when I write the article. Surely you can't expect me to name every team in-between, including Accrington Stanley?!

    There, you got 2 mentions, that should keep you happy!

  3. I just wanted you to say "Accrington Stanley? Who are they? Exactly!" :p