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Monday, 14 April 2014

Official Report


From Gillingham and we issue this statement about what happened with the transfer of Ronaldinho and Schmeichel .
All we want to gillingham were very happy by the arrival of Dinho , was a dream for everyone. The Brazilian star had become the team's best player , and it was the hope of salvation for all. The team had been bad, but his arrival was returned to us the desire to succeed . And for all this, it hurt us both what has happened . A few hours before the match against QPR , we learned that we lost Ronaldinho, and with him went all our hopes .
We went out to play against QPR with his mind elsewhere, decentralized , so much so that suffer expulsion at 8 minutes into the match. The players were down , thinking about anything but the game.

I never thought something like this would happen in this tournament , but unfortunately it happened. I will not name the person who did something I do not want to give more prominence. All I can rescue your attitude is that it has recognized and has taken over .
I hope these things cease to happen , my team has been very hurt .
I just want to add that Gillingham will fight to the end to meet the goal of staying in Division 3.


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