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Friday, 14 March 2014

Objective Achieved


The Gillingham does the job and winning promotion through the promotion.
A difficult and successful season has ended for the team . When I had the opportunity to take it I found a team they had a hard time getting wins, and had a template with some bad players and very poorly distributed . Little by little I was buying and selling players (several of Argentine football are the ones I know) and wins started coming.
It was a long hard road , a road that we knew to go, and that ultimately led us to where we wanted , Division 3.

I have made ​​some signings in the last month that will undoubtedly be very important for the season is coming, and today I had the great news that Maxi Rodriguez has accepted our offer and will join the team in the coming hours.

The aim is probably to keep us in the division to aspire to improve the quality of our team and then to aspire to achieve another promotion.
I want to thank the teams who so kindly gave players, who invited me to this fabulous game world, and I welcomed this achievement.


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