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Thursday, 27 March 2014

It does not always wins best play...


The Gillingham played a good game in his presentation at the Priestfield , but that did not reach so we can get a win against Rotherham United Lauder Stewart .
While the visitors dominated the ball mostly , we had almost three clear scoring opportunities that were avoided by good job Murara Neto.
Matias Suarez ( man of the match ) succeeded in breaking the zero in the arch of Rotherham United just 83 minutes into the game , but the joy was short lived as four minutes later they got the tie by Van Ginkel .
Starke , Hilton and Rietjer debuted on the team, doing an acceptable job.
The bad news of the day is the injury Marko Devic, who has Suffered an injury and will be 4 weeks of low. 
In other respects, we have some youth built Intended to enlarge the quarry, que had virtually disappeared for economic reasons.
Matias Suarez spoke with the press after the meeting ended and stated: 

"I am very happy that I managed to score a goal in my first game as a starter in the team. Félix has trusted me, and I want to restore that confidence within the field. I think the team did the right thing, always look ahead and I tried to attack our opponent in all possible ways, but did not get the result we wanted.'m convinced that playing this way we will win a lot of games, not lower the arms and work for no more mistakes. "


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