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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Hancock Announced as New Chelsea Manager


Chelsea Unveil Hancock as New Manager

Yesterday, around 13:00 GMT, Chelsea announced that after the departure of club legend David Jones as manager, Aston Villa boss Hancock had taken over the reins at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea President Roman Abrahamovic, had initially offered the job to Tony Harman at Walsall but Tony had no interest in taking the job and Abrahamovic's next preferred candidate for the job was Hancock who decided to take the job and resign as Aston Villa manager after 95 games in charge at Villa Park.

Given below is Hancock's official statement after being confirmed as the new Chelsea manager:

"The reports are true, I've resigned from Aston Villa and have taken over the reins at Chelsea. It was a tough decision for me as I've had a great time at Villa and built a quality side with some great players but the team at Chelsea was too good for me to refuse and when Tony Harman who was offered the job initially announced he wouldn't be taking the job, I applied to take over the club and now here we are.

I'd like to think that I've left Aston Villa in a good state for the new manager (John James) as they've got some great players and have got some incredibly talented youth as well. The squad at VIlla is definitely capable of achieving promotion under the right management in my opinion, I got them close but couldn't get them promoted myself but hopefully the new manager has more luck than I did

Managing Chelsea who've got a great squad, in the Premier League and playing against the likes of Liverpool, Sunderland, Manchester United etc. is something I'm eagerly looking forward to. Chelsea, to date haven't been crowned the Premier League champions in 7046's 9 seasons so far and I'm looking to change that, we've certainly got the squad to win the title. The Premier League is just at another level to all the other leagues, the competition is insane and I'll get my first taste of it, hopefully I don't take too much time to adjust.  With 15 games left to go this season, I believe we still have a chance at winning the title as we're only 7 points off the top and that isn't all too much.

I'll be looking to put my stamp on the team and I've already made it clear that quite a few players who don't stand a chance at first-team football and are just increasing our wage bill will be allowed to leave and some players who could I don't really believe are good enough for Chelsea have also been put on the transfer list. I'm looking to keep the stars of the team, especially our defenders - Lahm, Ramos and Chiellini at the club and we're in contract negotiations with quite a few of our stars though no deal has been agreed yet. As for the rest of our team, we've got some great players but I'm a manager who's always willing to negotiate so if the right offer comes in, we could certainly sell some of our players."


  1. Good luck with your new team

    You have a great squad of players to select from