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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Burnley's season back on track?


Is Burnley's season finally back on track?

This season has been a strange one so far the the Clarets. They are a team that have been consistently flirting with promotion over the past few seasons, but this time round they have been having problems. One could blame the wholesale changes that were made over the summer, with a brand new core being brought into the team, a change that would affect even the strongest of teams. Another could blame the lack of goals from their strikeforce, another problem that manager Hazr Poland has not faced often in his 9 seasons at the helm of the club.

However, Poland is not a man for excuses. He has faced up to his demons, and accepted that the only reason for his clubs poor season is that they are not performing, and he has taken much of that blame as a personal insult to himself. After his Lancashire outfit got pounded 3-0 on an away trip to Derby County, Poland's temper finally snapped. He berated his players, letting them know exactly how he felt in a fit of anger rarely seen from him, even from those more senior players. He especially tore into Alexandre Pato, a man that Poland trusted to lead the team's attack this season, but a man that has bitterly disappointed all at Burnley.

Enter Facundo Ferreyra.

The young Argentinian on-loan from Nottingham Forest has been a great acquisition for the Clarets, and when he was called upon to replace the dropped Pato in attack in recent games he responded with glee. His goals have seen two draws and two wins in the last four Championship games, and have restored some light to their dark season.

This blazing form has lead to many Burnley fans calling for him to be signed permanently when his loan is up in the summer. Whilst it is thought that Hazr Poland is also keen on this idea, it is yet to be seen whether his parent club, Nottingham Forest, will be equally keen to let him go.

One thing is certain though: if this form can be continued, the season could be revived, and a respectable finish could be achieved.


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