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Sunday, 1 December 2013

On the right track


The Gillingham walking down the right path. After a good transfer policy, where several South American players and has said many youth, the team has achieved good wins showing a good level of play.
The team has several older players, and that's what I think we need at this time, experienced players who can withstand the enormous pressure that ire looking for a promotion.
Chances are, the championship is long and we are only one point of the play-off zone, reason helps us to keep working on looking better every day.
We resigned the FA Cup, and we will do the same with the Shield of England, will play with players who do not usually have opportunities in the championship, and I do not want to see injuries is my best players.
Right now I have 3 players injured, 2 seriously (Jenkinson and Vaz Té), and one that returns in a few days (Bellamy).

With our latest victory, we have reached the position 10 at the standings, and we are at a point in Millwall, the last team which is in zone play-oof.


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