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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Start steadily


The new Gilingham was presented yesterday to his fans , his new manager and some of the additions on the court .
While I can not win against Southend United, was achieved to a large gathering of fúbol , with 3 goals for each team , no doubt a great show for the 6,263 spectators who came to Priestfield .
It was a really even match , where neither of the two was superior to the other , and the draw is very fair . While the draw was not what was intended , I believe I found the team and that leaves me alone , I'm sure this level , we will win more games than they lose . The scorers were the same as in the previous match , Juan Arango and Craig Bellamy twice. Arango has acplado team very well and has made two very good meetings , while Bellamy seems happy with his new position undoubtedly change managerle did very well,
The bad news of late has to do with the injury to Carl Jenkinson , a player who belongs to Bristol City but is transferred to our team . The young English side has suffered an injury that will leave him out of the fields for six weeks .
Obviously we will keep in our workforce , paying half his salary , as thanks to Bristol City manager , our intention is to continue to have Carl in the future.

The meeting is Próxim against Stockport County, a team that has 12 points, and which no doubt will be extremely difficult.

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