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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Pedro leaves Fulham


Pedro hands in transfer request and leaves Fulham!

Yes folks , After 6 seasons , 223 games which he scored an impressive 75 goals and 53 assists at his time at Fulham he has left to join Mk Dons in a deal that has shocked the world of football. Pedro handed in a transfer request on the Wednesday and it has been announced by both clubs that Pedro and Gervinho who has again been at Fulham for a staggering 6 seasons and has been a useful player and a great servant for Fulham but all the attention is on Pedro who Dominic said would rather resign than sell him 3 season ago. Fulham have gained Marek Hamsik who is regarded as a world class AM and should be lined up with Sahin and James rodriguez who is a brillant young talent and highly regarded and he will have to take over Pedro's role which is going to be hard for such a young inexperienced player. A distraught Dominic has spoken at length about how Pedro has suddenly left 

'' Couple of days ago Pedro came into my office and said simply he loves Fulham but he gave his all to try and win the title but he couldnt do it , He then said he couldnt give anymore to the Fulham cause and he was looking for a move away. I said ''dont be daft'' but he asked me to at least consider offers for him for whats best for him and the club. His agent then rang around a few clubs and Mk Dons came back with Permission to speak to Pedro but also wanted Gervinho and I releculantly said yes and they were wowed by the future plans of their manager Will. I said to him I really liked his flair players of Hamsik and James which was meant with a swift you can take them 2 for your 2. I spoke to Pedro and we both thought long and hard and it was the best thing to do for himself and for the club in the long run. Pedro you will always be welcome down here and you are a legend in Fulham and leave as one the premier league's finest players. ''

He then spoke on his recruits

'' Hamsik will take us to a new level , He can dribble , pass , shoot brillantly and is a fine set piece taker. Im very excited to be working with a fine player like him and with us he can develop from a good player to world class as that is what I see. Him and Sahin in midfield with Carrick holding will be a ruthless trio and one im very excited to be working with. James is a very young star but make no mistake he is such a special player with plenty of potential. Him and Iker will be special to watch these talents ply their trade at fulham for many years and develop under us. It is a sad time but we must look to the future and these players are the future.''


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