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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Division 2 or bust!


Glory Days examines Didier Drogba’s shock move to Plymouth from Liverpool

No doubt the arrival of Ivorian spearhead Didier Drogba dominated headlines ahead of match day 7, the move has divided the soccer community with some deeming the move as a colossal risk especially with the swap for a considerably younger Luiz Adriano to Liverpool while others, have seen the move as the final piece that Plymouth need in order to have a push for a Division 2 place this season.

Getting the right transfers is an inexact science and whether a player is a success at their club may be dependent on more than an individual’s ability to play. On face value, a move for an aging striker may seem like a desperate measure to revitalise a stagnant side but if you dig a bit deeper, Plymouth could potentially eek out 2-3 season with a top class striker despite his age.

One thing is for certain Drogba needs to provide Plymouth with something they have lacked this season, goals. Plymouth has the third lowest total of goals scored in Division 3 and despite the level of risk involved with the deal, manager Harry Osborne has proactively tried to address this issue with the signing of Drogba.  

All eyes will be on the Ivorian striker for the remainder of the season and whether he can turn around the fortunes of the Pilgrams, the swap deal seems to be a win for the Liverpool management however if Drogba can contribute 12 + goals this season and help them with a shot at promotion, it would be a good piece of business for both but only time will tell. 


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