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Thursday, 14 February 2013



100 -  NOT OUT

When BOURNEMOUTH FC board of Directors appointed JOSH HARMAN as their new manager on 8th March 2011, little did they know that history was in the making.

The club had 13 managers previously so they had to get it right as the fans wanted a manager for the long haul to prove his commitment to the club.

No manager had lasted more than 39 games in charge at the club until Josh took the job.

 In Season 6 Bournemouth won the English Cup and  finished  Runners-up in Division 4.
Josh also won the Charity Shield in season 7 so he has proved that he can gain trophies in one of the toughest setups.

Bournemouth are in a good position at present with their finances in place and they have a  good squad of players who have managed to put the club into 6th place in the league - a Play-off spot

Josh had this to say about his time at Bournemouth FC.

We have come along way since i have been here, the quality of the squad has changed dramatically and financially we are in a great position. Having said all that, their is still a long way to go if we are to achieve our long term goal, which is ultimately to be playing in the top division. So hopefully my next 100 games in charge can prove to be just as successful.


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