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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

D3 Team Reviews Part 2



Managed by Stephen Thompson

(48 games/average of 2.06 points)

Currently laying in 4th place and in a decent form having lost just the 1 in 11 competitive games. That defeat being in the English Cup against Leicester. 
Squad looking pretty strong with the only weakness being at the back.

Player to watch
Gyan - Scored 4 goals/7 assists in 11 games.
Not their top scorer at the minute but I would bet on him being the most valuable player through the whole season.

My opinion
Squad of 28 players, but only about 22 of them can be classed as being good enough to play for the team. But in overall very nice squad with decent depth, just need to add to their defense a little. If their keep the consistency of good runs, they should easily finish in top 6 maybe even look at promotion.


Managed by D Richardson
(266 games/average 1.82 points)

Laying in 5th place is no surprise looking at their strong team of 21 players.
Not in the best of form, but its not the worst either in the top half of the league. Knocked out of the English Cup by Burnley in the first round. 
Small squad but adequate cover for every position apart front the strike force.

Player to watch
Hernandez - Scored 5 goals/3 assists in 11 games

My opinion
As I said no surprise they are in the top 6, with this small squad.
Adequate cover is there but I feel one or two injuries could cost them.
Strike force is their weak point at this moment as they only have 3 strikers. If one gets injured with the busy schedule then it might just cost them some valuable  points. 


Managed by Marius Popa
(63 games/average 1.57 points)

Laying in 6th place and again not surprised to see them there.
Strong but small squad of 20 players, but defense is short of maybe 2-3 players.
Injuries, specially at the back can/will cost them points as the season goes on. 
Just managed to turn his bad form around after managing to only secure 3 points from 5 games. As now won 2 and drew 1 out of his last 3 games.
 Knocked out of English Shield by Norwich.

Player to watch
Kuranyi - Scored 6 goals/6 assists in 9 games

My opinion
It is a very good team but too small for my liking to be honest and having only 5 defenders will I'm sure cause them problem through the season.
In other areas of the pitch the squad looks like they have plenty of quality there.
2-3 players needed to boost the defense and they should have a decent season, but honestly as the team stands, a top 6 finish will be very hard to achieve.


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