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Friday, 7 October 2011

What we expect from the new season ?!


Well it's easy to say but we want at least a place in the play-offs.We rebuilt the team and now I think it's ready for next season maybe 2-3 changes max for new season.Lovely to say A.Matri it's the goldie one for Preston and was a good buy and he prove that with 4 goals in 7 matches.We expect from him at least 15 goals next season season will be harder than the actually one.Nottingham Forest,West Ham United,West Bromwich,Charlton and Reading are coming to Division 2.For sure the place for Forest,West Ham and WBA isn't in Division 2...they're teams for EPL but no problem we can beat them if we're on fire and we will be.With Kim Kallstrom,the new captain of Preston and the main player along with Matri and the others one like Sidney Sam,Noboa we're ready for first round but we must improve to win the first friendly match vs Swansea which are now in Divison 2.Also we will have friendly matches vs Boro and Burton Albion.We can prove what we can in the match vs Boro but until then we must win the match vs Swansea,maybe friendly matches aren't important but are for us and our fans.

Now I want to say our top best players from last season.

1.S.Pepe now at Huddersfield.
-36 app,14 goals,5 assists,3 MoM

2.Eljero Elia
-16 apps,8 goals,7 assists,1MoM

-38 apps,9 goals,5 assists,1 MoM.

The best transfers:

1.Kim Kallstrom came from Hull City which are now in Division 3.He'll be the new captain of Preston and we expect from him to bring the goals for us.We got him for about 7,000,000+O.De Marcos.7,000,000 are a lot of cash and we hope to help us to be in the play-offs at least.

2.A.Matri came from Rochdale for about 7,600,000+Nsue.He already proved us what he can in 7 matches and we want the same form for him in next season too.

3.Iker Muniain came from Norwich for Joselu+G.Dos Santos.He is an awsome talent for Europe and the next Spanish best player or at least one of the best players from Spain.Expect from him to improve in future and come in first XI.

We bring some players like Noboa,Trasch etc but these are in our eyes the best transfers made by Preston.

Last season conclusions

Well,our form wasn't so bad.We won vs Ipswich 8-0 and etc but we lose some games what I should won them but that's football.We said many times: ,,We'll sacrafice this season to rebuild the team'' but this is like an excuse.We finish 15th without excuse to be honest but we won some players like Matri,Sam,Elia,Mcgregor for next season.The problem is can we solve this problems with our form?Yes we can without problems...this is about players morale and we will pay for psychiatrist to solve this problems.In a final....we're almost ready for next season.


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