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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Season 3 preview competition!


Okay, been meaning to roll this out for a while now. It started as an idea by Elton (but don't hold that against it) and was perfected with input from dudeskin. I think most of you would agree that the previews and predictions is a core feature of 7046, and hopefully this tweak will only enhance the match-day previews.

It goes like this: For next season the previews will be ran as a competition. We're looking for 4 captains, 1 to represent each league. It will be their responsibility, with the help of a vice-captain, to ensure that previews and predictions are done for their league each match-day by enlisting help from managers across the set-up. Each week scores will be given for the accuracy of the predictions, with bragging rights going to the team that that knows their given league the best.

It'll been down to the captains how the previews get covered, either selecting one team member each game-day to do all 10 previews (preferable), or dividing them up between previewers. At the end of the day it doesn't matter, so long as each game gets a preview and prediction. Maybe we could have managers previewing and representing their own league, a true contest over which league is best, or instead they could be scattered across the divisions, you decide.

So there you have it, let's see who's up for the challenge, starting with looking for 4 captains. Maybe you could post your interest on the 7046 discussion thread, whether it to be a captain, vice-captain, or previewer. Ultimately captains will be decided upon according to their past service to the previews, but the more applications the better!

I look forward to your thoughts...

SOP divines the future of the 3-5-2...

EDIT: Just to add, as well as the team competition, I will also run a Formula 1 style 'drivers championship,' where individuals will also compete against one-another for the top previewer/predictor award!


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