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Sunday, 17 April 2011

The Formation Challenge!


Introducing the Formation Challenge, just an idea I've had kicking around for some time now. I wanted to do this through a custom, but it is a lot of work policing it. I figure I'd try and run it here in 7046 first to see how it goes.

The basic idea is this: Ever get sick of playing people who use the same boring old formation, week in, week out? Or maybe you're actually one of those 'if it ain't broke then don't fix it types', just too scared to change from your safe old 3-5-2? Well the Formation Challenge is a league within a league, a chance to test out new stuff with nothing to lose in a tactical battle of wits.

The format will depend on how many people are up for it, but once the teams have been decided then everything will be run through friendlies, hopefully starting at the beginning of season 3. The precise details can be worked out later, but basically the golden rule is that for each of the games you play in the challenge, you are only allowed to use each formation ONCE. If you use 4-4-2 in a game, it's then off the menu for later games. So as the challenge progresses, your tactical options, and those of your opponent, become less and less, forcing us to start seeing some interesting match-ups.

Err, so that's about it for now. I'm just putting it out there to see what interest there is. I'm happy to try and run this with just 1 other manager, all 80, or anywhere in between, so if you're interested then let me know. Either post in the comments here, or drop me a message on my wall or over PM. If there's enough of you who want to give it a go then I'll set-up a dedicated thread. Hopefully it takes off, I mean, not only will it test your tactical skills (I'm dubious whether there are actually any out there at all! Go on, prove me wrong), but it will allow managers from different divisions to compete against one-another, always a good thing.

Looking forward to your response!

SOP setting up his 3-5-2


  1. We have 24 different formations to select from in total.

    I'll join in and give it a go, sounds interesting.