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Friday, 4 March 2011

Huddersfield Tactical Materstroke/Pogrebnak out for 6 games /Loan replacement agreed/Balitsch traded for Ernst


Inside is news of Huddersfields game with Sheffield Wednesday where he pulled a tactical masterstroke,Pogrebnyaks injury ,Replacement striker loan deal to replace Pogrebnyak while he is out and news of Huddersfields newest signing Fabian Ernst.

Huddersfield Manager Dan Malone pitted his wits against Sheffield Wednesday manager Marc Oldfield in a game where tactics played a major part in the crushing 5-2 win for Huddersfield in an exact score reversal of the English Shield round 1 game .
Manager Malone checked back over the games of Sheffield and noticed he played the same 4-4-1-1 formation every game and the same added tactics so with Huddersfield having clearly the better side on paper Malone thought he would go like for like and match the 4-4-1-1 formation matching all the extra tactics ,Changing the formation to a defensive 5-4-1 in the 60th minute as he presumed he would be leading the game by that time and could sit back and defend for the last half an hour.He couldn't have been more right ,what a tactical master stroke as it was 4-1 by the 57th minute then after turning defensive for the last half hour they successfully defended there lead running out 5-2 winners in the end .Huddersfield dominated the possession of the game with a 67%/33% in there favour.
Sheffield Wednesday took the lead in the 8th minute then Mattias Fernandez turned on the style scoring his first goals for the club .He scored a hat-trick and Melo got one and Pogrebnyak got the last just before his injury.
Hernandez has been a revelation since his move , he has played 5 games scoring 3 goals and getting 2 assists in the process he has racked up an average 8.2 rating.

The win over Sheffield added to the winning run that Huddersfield are now on and it stands at 15 games unbeaten , the fact that Malone has only been in charge for 30 games stands a true credit to his tactical prowess .Huddersfield are now 5 points clear at the top of the league.

Pavel Pogrebnyak suffered a pulled calf muscle in the 5-2 game now he is set to miss the next 6 games.

Robert Lewandowski loan signing agreed.The details of the deal and the length of the loan deal are not yet finalised but the deal has been arranged to cover the injury to Pogrebnyak .
Manager Dan Malone has worked out a loan deal with Crystal Palace manager Dazinho to loan the player as soon as Daz's transfers come through which is great news for Huddersfield as in Lewandowski they have signed a great striker.

Hanno Balitsch has been traded for Fabian Ernst a deal which strengthens the midfield by changing an 87 rated midfielder for a 89 rated midfielder .Malone said Ernst is a player I have great respect for he is a player that has a great class about him and we are grateful that he signed for us.


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