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Sunday, 20 March 2011

The 3-5-2 invasion!

Just a talking point here on something I noticed today while looking through the Div 1 results. Incredibly 55% of teams started with the 3-5-2, which is crazy really given that there are 24 formations to choose from.
What is going on here? Is it just indicative of a complete lack of imagination in the tactical department? Is SM perhaps to blame for making the 3-5-2 much stronger than most other tactics and these managers are just the smart ones who have figured it out? Or is this a myth, perhaps the 3-5-2 is not really as good as people think and people are just brainwashed into thinking it is?

Here's just a quick review of the four 7046 divisions today looking for teams that started out with the 3-5-2. The results are quite revealing:
Div 1: 11/20 teams (55%) W4 D1 L6 (W 36.4%, D 9.1%, L 54.5%)
Div 2: 9/20 teams (45%) W4 D0 L5 (W 44.4% D 0%, L 55.6%)
Div 3: 3/20 teams (15%) W0 D2 L1 (W 0%, D 66.7%, L 33.3%)
Div 4: 6/20 teams (30%) W3 D2 L1 (W 50%, D 33.3%, 16.7%)
7046 combined: 29/80 teams (36.3%) W11 D5 L13 (W 37.9%, D 17.2%, L 44.8%)

Anyone else agree that 29/80 teams, 36.3% of all teams using the 3-5-2 seems kinda crazy? If all 24 formations were represented equally you’d expect around 3 teams to be using it. Seriously, where does this come from? By comparison using rough estimates last season it was used approximately 25% of the time so it's highly likely that it's prevalence is going up!
This is not just a dig at the inflexibility of SOP anymore! Why is it more prevalent in the higher divisions? Does it show a lack of tactical awareness or is evidence of many of these managers copy what appears to be successful? Or is it something else? And what does it say about 7046, or indeed all forum-based set-ups? Are they all like this, or is 7046 better/worse than most in the tactical realm? Is the game devalued because of this and what of the future? Seriously, I’d like to know…


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