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Monday, 21 February 2011



Manchester city were premier league favourites but shocked the whole of world football by finishing 19th and getting relegated from the premier league with a squad contained Cristaino ronaldo.

In season 1 , Manchester city hired El nino in which turned out to be there start of a long and terrible nightmare. Manchester city spent millions to add world class players , the expectations were huge everybody expected city to be challenging the top 4 but that never happened , El nino was poor in his tactics , never showed up for games , poor player management he was the worst manager in english history and because city failed to reasearch him and failed to sack him quickly which lead to relegation.

In season 2 , El nino was still in charge and still struggling to find any wins , city struggling in midtable and the board finally show some guts and sack El nino who was dreadful all through his reign. Man city found there replacement in former fulham and dagenham manager Rob walshe who is a master at working to the best of his resources and he has not been to change the side around as hes got rid of some of his best stars that were simply not performing. Its early days yet Walshe's reign looks like its taking off in the right direction.

Manchester city's strength's are going forward of course , David Silva and Arjen robben are of course the best attacking threat in the league and when on form are simply devastating to handle. City's weakness is very simple to find the defence , they concede so many goals for a defence that used to play at the top of the world and concede goals the way they do at this level then something serious is wrong and will be the main issue for walshe to deal with.

Walshe is a young ambitious manager who likes a challenge. Walshe had a very short and unsuccessful stay at fulham which saw him leave at 10 games in as he cited broken promises from the board so he shortly joined at the other end of the scale of the english league and joined Dagenham who were doing poorly but walshe got stuck in and brought some brilliant young talent in and he was loved by Daggers fans. He took them from 17th and a poor squad to 9th and with a solid base of experience and youth. The season after he brought lots more talent in and had an excellent start to the season but he couldnt turn down man city but he left Dagenham top and with a solid base for the new gaffer and will be loved by Daggers fans for years.

Man City should not be in the championship let alone near the relegation zone in the championship , its been a catalogue of fatal errors by the board , and their useless ex manager El nino and of course there players too. Walshe is a excellent manager who will look to build on for the future and look to secure promotion quickly and secure city as an english giant as they have the money , the players and they have the best manager for the job and Walshe will look to become a great city and look to walsheing away city's heartache.


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