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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Turn 14 - Divsion 1 predictions

Stoke vs West Ham

Both teams in the bottom half with west ham flirting with relegation. Stoke are on dread form picking 1 point out of 21 which has seen them slide after a terrific start meanwhile westham have had a dreadful start and still going dreadfully. Stoke have Djalo and velouso injured which is 2 very key players in the team whilst westham have no injury worries and can pick anyone but this game has all the makings of a draw to me

Prediction - Stoke 0 vs 0 west Ham

Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester United

Tottenham hotspur have drastically improved under the new management Aaron boom whilst Man utd's luck has certainly been running out after a fast start , Simon has been critised for being too lazy with his tactic's as its been rightly reported his assistant was picking the tactics and the formation 3 - 5 -2 so simon has been fighting back so is picking tactics and changed the formation which could explain Man Utd going out of the champions league and a mini slump in league form. Tottenham have no injury or suspension concerns whilst Man Utd have Wes Brown and Jesus Navas out due to injury and Darren Fletcher is suspended. Tottenham I think will overcome man utd.

Prediction - Tottenham Hotspur 2 - 1 Manchester United

Chelsea vs Bolton

Chelsea are still massively underachieving but have brought a relative unknown Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester City who seem's like a decent player who should do well. Chelsea's formation of 4 -3 - 3 wingers does seem to be chelsea's favourite but something is very wrong with the balance tactics or player egos? Chelsea need to get their act together and a nice comfortable win over bolton should do the trick.

Prediction - Chelsea 4 - 1 bolton

Sunderland vs Fulham

Fulham made a dreadful start with a season full of promise and hope after last season's finish, Fulham boss Dominic latouche has had to deal with injuries and clubs trying to unsettle fulham's talent. Fulham's change of fortune has turned ever since Dominic cunningly changed formation to 4 - 4 - 3 wingers and fulham have been sensational climbing up the table and now 3 points behind 2nd placed forest and nice tight win should hit the spot in a hard fought contest.

Prediction - Sunderland 1 vs 2 Fulham

West brom vs Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough have made the difficult step up very well , Their manager Jooles Dawson has bought very well whilst in the championship and now is reaping rewards of it. Middlesbrough have a rock solid defence which don't concede much at all but they have a player in great goalscoreing form but he is not an outfield player it is the amazing GK! Iker Casillas who is suddenly come up as a goalscorer and this proves Jooles's amazing managerial talent to even spot this. Middlesbourgh play a defence style of play and lumping to the forwards in a counter which has worked wonders and will beat a awful West Brom

Prediction - West Brom 1 vs 3 middlesbrough

Birmingham VS Newcastle

Newcastle are a very well run club , Carl the Newcastle manager has been doing great and has been better than any signing that Newcastle have made. He's not brought the best players but he's brought good players that fit into his system and brought very well . Newcastle are again in the top 4 and going strong in the league and should give the brum a good ole beat down.

Prediction - Birmingham 0 vs 3 Newcastle

Arsenal Vs Everton

Arsenal have been in the same boat as Chelsea massive underachievers. Arsenal would have hoped to be near the top but again find themselves closer to relegation than top spot which is staggering considering Arsenal's amazing quality they own. Arsenal should have enough to see Everton off.

Prediction - Arsenal 1 vs 0 Everton

Wolves vs Forest

Forest Like I predicted at the start of the season would do well and were more equipped than there rivals Boro' even tho they were trumped by them last season. Forest have a great all round team with Etto and Arshavin leading the line whilst having a solid defence. But their depth is not great but Will win this due to the wolves manager's incompetence not because they will play great.

Prediction - Wolves 0 VS 3 Forest


  1. great predictions mate e-rep :)

  2. A lot of time went into doing this going by the length of info in each match

    good work