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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Boro at a loss to explain their recent loss


Gotta admit, I’m totally bemused over Boro’s 3-1 defeat to Barnsley. Where did that come from? Didn’t see it coming at all. On the back of our 3-1 defeat to Hull last Wednesday as well. That’s our worst run of form ever! Forest probably can’t believe their luck (go on, admit it, can you Mo?).

But seriously, what am I missing here? A 91-rated Boro team goes up against an 85-rated Barnsley team. They’ve lost the last 12 games in a row, man-for-man all but 3 of our players got higher match ratings than their lads, and their highest rated player was rated just 1 above our lowest rated player. We even got the man-of-the-match!

Does a defensive 4-5-1 really come out so bad against an attacking 4-5-1? You would think they just cancel each other out (I did!). We even played defensive, keeping it short and slow to retain possession. You’d think that would blunt any attacking threat they might have, but no, they get all 3 goals against that tactical set-up in the first half, and came out on top with possession 52%-48%!

Maybe SM factors in other things that we’re not aware of. This game was literally do or die for Barnsley. Lose and they’re all but down. So fair play to them for that, but does the match engine factor in such considerations? Maybe Boro are just getting nervous, with that title within touching distance? Or perhaps with one eye on the pending Cup semi no player wants to get hurt and miss out? But does the match engine really take these things into account?

No, I’m completely at a loss to explain this one. Well done to Barnsley, clearly I’m missing something. But what? Ideas on a postcard please to the usual Teesside address…


  1. I know what factor it was .......The X factor :)