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Thursday, 23 December 2010

The Blog Spy Around the divisions --Part Two


The Blog Spy has been out and about at a few more grounds again this week geared up with his high-tech surveilence equipment and has been in contact with a few of his moles.

Click Read More at the bottom to find out what grounds he has been visiting.

The Blog Spy Predictions :Part 2

Div 1--Blackburn

-finished 11th last season with 3 wins from last 6 games .Have made the superstar signing of Kaka .An amazing signing but would a few good players have been better than a superstar only the season will tell. Blackburn look much stronger in defense than last season, still look a couple of midfielders and a striker short of troubling the big boys but I see them having a better season than last.

The Blog Spy prediction for the season--6th

Div 2-Preston North End
--Finished 17th last season .the manager has not started to add/change to his side for the new season yet and I forsee relegation if nothing changes .

The Blog Spy prediction for the season--19th

Div 3-Millwall

--Narrowly avoided relegation last season finishing in 16th win a run of 3 wins from last 6 games ,midfield looks a bit wafer thin and a new striker looks to be needed .The Millwall defense looks strong so that should help.Millwall may be good enough to push for a top half finish if a few loans are got. But the retirals of Cruz and Filpescu leave the question where will the money come for replacements?.

The Blog Spy prediction for the season--12th

Dision 4-Wycombe Wanderers

--finished in 7th last season. The squad looks very good in places for a division four side ,but very thin , the midfield looks like a few injuries and the season is over ,hopefully the manager is bringing in a few loans to cover the midfield or lack of .Buoyed by a friendly 2-2 draw with Liverpool the fans will be thinking this could be there season.with 7 goalkeepers on the books the team have spent half there budget on goalie gloves.

The Blog Spy prediction for the season--5th


  1. Excellent work, well done

    great idea which adds a good feature to the blog

  2. Great Idea..I'll be looking forward to the next instalment

  3. As people have not really finished building there squads I will stagger the Blog Spy and so that it gives space for other people to post there blogs also.thanks

  4. yes, That would be best idea coz it'll look better with various articles and not too many of same item in a row.