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This is the OFFICIAL EC7046 Blog. The blog was started to work in conjunction with the EC7046 Game world. It is written by EC7046 managers for everyone to view and enjoy.

The blog has a high standard of quality articles that have been added. ONLY EC7046 managers can apply to be an EC7046 blog writer. They have the passion within the setup and write articles for the blog which reflects that.

New EC7046 managers are welcome to apply to be an EC7046 blog writer by sending a valid email address via a PM to Craig. An invite is then sent to the email address and once accepted, the new writer can add articles instantly.

EC7046 has ALL the links relating to the EC7046 Game world on the sidebar of the blog. Visitors can go between the blog and thread with ease using the links provided for each thread. Simply click a link in the EC7046 THREAD LINKS section to be taken directly to the thread. At the foot of the blog you'll notice the MOST POPULAR POSTS in the last 7 days.

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