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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Veterans Saviors


The Gillingham tie again , not lost thanks to the two most talented team players, Juan Roman Riquelme and Alessandro Del Piero .
The 2 veterans were responsible for marking the 2 goals against West Ham United, a very good team that has already managed to add 10 points this season.
The worst news of the match was the injury Vitorino Hilton, who will be 10 days off the field , and it is the third player we have in the infirmary, but fortunately in this case will not be many days .
The team continues between the past and I do not like at all , we should start getting results immediately or else suffer all season.
Our next match will be against Queens Park Rangers in our stadium . Our opponent comes from consefuir a great result against Norwich City.

Juan Roman Riquelme has spoken to the press :

" ... It's costing us win, it's a very difficult division , all teams are tough, there are no weak opponents , but I'm sure we 'll get used to and get ahead. We are a group of older , experienced, not we will not despair , we know how long this is. you have to go game by game , looking for the best possible performance , I know we can give you much more than this ... "

We left the market looking for a player that I really like how he plays, I think we can bring something that we have yet, in the next few hours there will be developments.


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