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Monday, 7 April 2014

Get well soon Matías! We need you!


The Gillingham tied their last game against the Burton Albion. The team did not play well but that was not the worst news. Worse injury Matias Suarez, a player who was doing very well indeed in that game gave 2 assists, 2 goals scored in the same. Matias wins a groin injury that will demand about 2 weeks of recovery. 
It appears that Del Piero will be the one to replace it. 

Matias has left a message for fans Gillingham:

"...Hello friends, I am working with physicians to recover as soon as possible to get back on the field of play. I deeply regret that this injury has come at my best, I was feeling pretty good. With Trezeguet ever understand us better in the field, I think we have a special connection. I am very hopeful about what the team can accomplish this season, I think we have much room for improvement, and that when we find a regularly convertiramos a very hard team to beat. 
Thank you all for the support!..."


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