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Friday, 4 April 2014

Finally you get desired victory


Took longer than I thought to arrive but finally, in the fourth game, we have managed to achieve the desired victory that we needed both. 
It was not easy, the Reading is a prestigious opponent already has 6 points and we should visit in their stadium. 
Went back to 352 which gave us much satisfaction last season, and along with the tactical system, turned our scorer David Trezeguet to score the only goal of the game and let us add 3 points for the first time this season. 
It was the best game we've done in terms of possession, chances and others but win was vital. And we did. 
Also noteworthy Matias Suarez, who gave assistance to this Trezeguet scored his goal, and Starke, who had an excellent performance and was recognized as the man of the match. 

David Trezeguet has said a word to end the match:

"...I am very happy, finally after much effort we have managed to capture all of our work in the match result. This group works hard every day to meet the objective of staying in Division 3. We have taken a great weight off and we are ready to welcome a rival known, as is the Burton Albion..."


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