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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Hancock Busy in the Transfer Market


Hancock Busy in the Transfer Market!

Newly-appointed Chelsea boss - Hancock has been a very busy man in the transfer market as he has already agreed 4 deals to bring in new players to the club, and all of them with the Black Cats. Hancock is known for his active methods in the transfer market but it was still a big surprise for Chelsea fans and football fans all over the world to see some of the best players in the world being bought & sold.

The first 'main' deal to be announced is made up of 3 individual deals, each deal seeing world-class players switch teams. The first deal saw 21 year old Brazilian Neymar Junior, arguably the best young player in the world and a player who Hancock is a known admirer of, arrive at Stamford and in exchange Cesc Fabregas & £7.5 million. The second deal will see 21 year old Alarcon Isco, another one of the world's best young players move to Chelsea and 19 year old Julian Draxler along with some cash. The third and final part will see 26 year old midfielder Arturo Vidal moving to Sunderland and Chelsea will receive Kevin Strootman, young Tiemoue Bakayoko and some cash.

The deal is without a doubt an absolute monster of a deal with some absolutely amazing players moving to Sunderland & Chelsea and it is a deal which has left both managers (Raz and Hancock) very happy. Here's what Chelsea manager Hancock had to say after this deal was announced to the press:

"It doesn't take a genius to figure out just how happy I am with the deal I've managed to agree with Raz. Neymar and Isco are two of my favourite players and they're both just 21 years old! Kevin Strootman is another amazing player, he's the Dutch National Team Captain and he's just 24 years of age! We let go of some great players in Fabregas, Vidal and Draxler, there's no doubt about it but we've received three world-class players who've got a lot ahead of them and are still not at their peak.

I'm especially delighted with Isco & Neymar as I've been a great fan of both of them for a long time and it's amazing to have them both in the same team. They're both just 21 and they're already incredible players and they've got the potential to be the best in the world. Neymar & Isco - that's the future of Chelsea FC"

Soon after the huge '3-part-deal' with Sunderland was announced, Hancock surprised everyone yet again as it was announced that David Silva, who's one of the club's longest serving members was to be leaving - and yes, to Sunderland again! The 28 year old will leave for Sunderland and in exchange, fellow Spaniard Pedro Rodriguez along with 17 year-old super-talent Jonathan Tah will be coming to Stamford Bridge. Chelsea will also be getting talented 18 year-old Stipe Perica as part of the deal. 

Chelsea fans will have to wait though, to see Pedro in a Chelsea jersey as the 26 year old will only be officially signing for the club on the 22nd of March. Pedro & Jonathan Tah will both be signing on the 22nd of March and Stipe Perica is also expected to sign sometime in March. Reporters caught up to a visibly pleased Hancock soon after this deal was announced and this is what the new Chelsea boss had to say:

"I'm very happy that we've managed to agree a deal to get 7046 legend Pedro who was amazing for Fulham and only recently left Craven Cottage. I'm a big fan of Silva and wasn't too interested in letting him go but Sunderland's offer was a very tempting one and after thinking about it, I decided to accept the offer.

Pedro's a great player and in incredible form at the moment and he's shown just how good he is in recent times. I'm very excited and eager to see Pedro and Neymar linking up together and I'm certain that these two can lead us to success. Jonathan Tah is an incredibly young talent, he's just 17 years old and one already one of the best young CB's in the world! I'm very excited to have a prospect of Tah's caliber at Chelsea and look forward to seeing him develop with us., Stipe Perica is another exciting young player who I look forward to see at Stamford Bridge and he's a quality addition to our youth squad."


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