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Friday, 8 November 2013

Objective: Division 3


The Gillingham and has one goal: to win promotion to Division 3.

After analyzing the initial staff team, I have decided to sell some players, and make some additions. The arrival of three loan players will be helpful to meet the stated objective, I mean SORENSEN, Frederik, JENKINSON, Carl and LEDLEY, Joe. Take this opportunity to thank the clubs that have decided to support the Gillingham giving these players.
The staff turnover is underway, 5 players will leave, and many others will come to take their places, in fact we have already accepted offers, among which stands out the arrival of Juan Arango and Raul Jimenez.
This team is beaten mentally, so I think it is essential to get a win as soon as possible to boost morale.
Try that Gillingham is an aggressive team, a team that nobody wants to face, the season has just started and is a long time to change course, will fight to the end to get it!

I found very good disposition of some managers, who have helped me advising me on some players on my staff who really did not know and I want to thank you again.
The Gillingham is the South American team in a few seasons, as they are the players I know best, and I hope that the blood of South America can break into this championship to reach the top.


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