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Monday, 17 June 2013

Spireites Special: A fan’s perspective


Chesterfield 3 Swindon Town 1

Despite our bright start, the goal remains to survive relegation

Chesterfield registered third win of the season, second in front of the Spireites faithful. I like to give myself a day or two in order to reflect on the weekend’s events. For me personally, yesterday’s match proved as an indicator of where we are since last season but let’s be honest Swindon Town had three first team players out and it was hardly the side that won Division Four last season.

Regardless we had to play the team that was in front of us and we dominated possession but Swindon grabbed the initiative with a goal against the run of play through Dutch prospect Van Dijik in the 3rd minute. That goal could have easily allowed Chesterfield to drop their heads but to their credit, we persisted and got the equaliser through Italian hitman Alberto Paloschi in the 10th minute. The much maligned striker often in the shadows of Hugo Rodallega last season, answered his critics with a clinical finish. Since the departure of the Rodallega, Paloschi has been relied upon to be the “main man” up front and yesterday he showed that he’s capable of it.

After the equaliser the pattern of the game was predictable, Chesterfield dominated possession yet Swindon produced chances on goal. But to our goal keeper Bravo’s credit, he kept the chances out. It wasn’t until a beautiful cross from Karim Ait Fana was met by Deny Garmash’s head that we began to take the ascendency. Another brilliant cross by Ait Fana in the 86th minute which was finished off by Paloschi sealed the game and the points for Chesterfield.

All in all, a great performance by the lads and despite the fact that Swindon didn’t have their best starting XI; we grabbed the opportunity and took the points on the day. Nine points from a possible fifteen, a brilliant start but we need to keep things in perspective, the priority is to stay up which is reflected in manager Glory Days post match interview

“Yeah it was a great result for the team, we kept possession well and carved out some nice chances but there are still things that we can improve on. But today, I was very pleased with our pattern of play and our ability to take our chances in front of goal”

“I’m happy with the start that the team has made but we need to keep things game by game and our goal is still to get the magical 40 points to keep us in Division Three”

Another point of improvement that we would need to address is our consistency. We haven’t strung two unbeaten matches as of yet this season but its early days and I believe that we are capable of getting a more consistent Chesterfield.
Final point I would like to make is the improved performances of Claudio Bravo since his arrival back to Chesterfield from Blackpool. Prior to his departure, Bravo would be capable of the spectacular game but then that would be few and far between but since he came back, his experience in Division 2 has put him in good stead and his appointment as captain has amplified his contribution and his influence  on the team.

We have many positives to look at but we need to keep in perspective that the job isn't done until we have guaranteed a Division 3 spot for next season.    


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