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Monday, 13 May 2013




Millwall were forced to go into the transfer market after our recent match against Plymouth.

Our top scorer CHAMAKH will miss our final match vs Reading after his red card..

On top of that, ALEX got injured and he also misses our final match vs Reading.
Manager - Craig - has been trying to find replacements in order to strengthen for our biggest match since season one.

  • GONZALEZ RAUL joined the club in a swap deal for ALEX.


Media Journalist: Can you explain why you bought a 35 yr old ?

Craig:  Yes, we decided to swap ALEX so save us having two 35 yrs old at club at the same time. RAUL has vast experience and has a good record at every club he played for, We hope this continues.

Media Journalist:  How do you think the fans will react to you purchasing another 35 yr old ?

Craig:  They will love him if he plays a blinder and we stay up and if he doesn't then the fans will aim their frustration at me, I'm sure they will give him their backing and support.

Media Journalist:  Did you have any other player in mind to sign before the Reading match ?

Craig:  Yes, we hoped to sign Felipe Caicedo, but 3 clubs were after him so we backed off.
We didnt have time to wait incase we lost the deal and needed to go into transfer market again. We had to work fast to make sure someone was onboard.

Media Journalist:   Do you have plans to sign anymore players before Wednesday's massive match. ?

Craig:  Yes, we hope to add at least another player, maybe two, to give us the best possible chance against Reading, our last meeting with them saw us lose 5-0, so we need to turn that around.

Media Journalist:  And finally, do you have any plans to resign, if you get relegated to Div-4 ?

Craig:  I'd rather talk about the match and focus totally on that but to answer your question, NO, I would not resign, I would work at getting the club back to Div-3 in the first season.


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