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Sunday, 3 March 2013

D3 Team Reviews Part 4


Today I am looking at Leicester City, Swansea, Northampton, Reading and Plymouth.


Managed by Gozzy Raikkonen
(257 games/average of 1.52 points)

Leicester are currently laying in 17th place, this team in my opinion are majorly under achieving. Leicester have a decent squad with some decent depth, although in some parts the back up players are far to inexperienced to be covering. Nether the less this squad of players are playing way bellow their ability. On a bad run of 8 games with out a win in the league. Still in the English Cup, but they face a on form deadly Newcastle squad in the next round, so I can't see them progressing.

Player to watch
KRASIC, Miloš - 5 goals and 3 assists in 13 games.

My opinion
To be honest I'm shocked of how poor they have been recently as they have a very decent squad. Even though it's still early in the season they fortunes need to change pretty quick or they will be caught up in the relegation battle and If they do, I would bet on them going down.


Managed by Zak Cluer
(268 games/average of 1.64 points)

Currently laying in 5th place, and have been playing fantastic recently, with Zak's team notching up 7 wins in the last 8 games and that includes two cup games.
Good quality all over the park so I'm not surprised they have managed to put in this good run of results.
Still in the English Shield, where they welcome West Ham to the Liberty Stadium in the next round.

Player to watch
CISSÉ, Papiss - 7 goals in 14 games.

My opinion
When I started doing these reports, I was shocked to see Swansea down the bottom of the league. Didn't think it would take long for them thou to put a decent run of results together and climb up. Strong Squad, but personally I think they could do with two more quality strikers up there to take some pressure of Cisse.  Swansea are most certain to be right up there in the fight for promotion.


Managed by Sir Abdul Legend
(190 games/average of 1.89 points)

Currently laying in 16th place, again another team seriously under achieving. Team full of quality and with 111 players in overall, I'm not even going to mention depth. Not won a game in 7, including a cup game. Out of all cup competitions so no distraction from the league now. Things need to improve quickly or this team filled of quality n potential will be relegated this season.

Player to watch
RODRIGO, Moreno - 8 goals in 15 games
Plenty of players who are capable of doing the job in this team, but Rodrigo is one of the lads in the team who is doing what he's suppose to.

My opinion
I honestly don't understand the situation at Northampton. With such a talented squad and some serious depth, why is this squad of players doing so poorly? A squad of this much talent playing in div 3 should be doing a lot better. So much to say about this team but going to leave it at this.


Managed by Martin Paul
(60 games/average of 1.72 points)

Currently laying in 15th place, and for once I'm not surprised at their league standing. To be honest they not been playing too bad, they just cant seem to get a good run of results in. Decent squad, plenty of depth but the quality of cover is poor. No offence but most of the cover is young and mainly future talent. Still in both domestic cup competitions.

Player to watch
BENTEKE, Christian - 4 goals in 15 games
Not exactly on form and scoring loads, but this is the man to watch regardless if the team play good or bad.

My opinion
Decent squad, some good quality players, just not enough quality there to maintain a decent run of results. Plenty of future stars but they wont save Reading should they get caught up in the relegation battle. 1 or 2 serious injuries to main players could serious make this poor situation get even worse. 2-3 more quality players needed to be brought in and help this team fight through their amount of fixtures as they are still in cup competitions. 


Managed by Harry Osborne
(12 games/average of 2.33 points)

Currently laying in 12th place. Doing pretty decent with their current squad. Good quality in there but not much depth specially in the defence. Having no quality centre back at all is their main weakness. Scoring plenty goals, but conceding just as much. If they had a strong centre back pairing, they would have conceded far less and most probably have won at least 4-5 of the previous games that they have failed to grab the 3 points. Still in the English Cup.

Player to watch
BARRIOS, Lucas - 8 goals in 15 games

My opinion
Not only are they missing a good centre back pairing, but could do with another quality winger and centre mid. Not a bad squad. Don't see them getting involved in a relegation battle but sadly I don't think they have enough about them to be going for promotion. A high mid table finish is a fair punt and they should be pleased with that.


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