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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Interview with Walsall manager


The match to watch this week has to be the Walsall vs Bournemouth clash. 

Not just because they are two sides who have started the season well, with Walsall sat in 3rd and Bournemouth in 8th after 11 games.

But because, here we have two brothers who go face to face for the second time this week. 

One trying to cut down the point difference between his team and the league leaders maybe even climb top.
The other maybe simply wanting revenge after his defeat on Monday for the English Shield.

So this week, I've decided to have a chat with one of the brothers.

Tony Harman the manager of Walsall.

Firstly, what is it about this league that has kept you at Walsall for over 120 games?

This was the first forum filled setup I joined and I just loved how tough it was to sign players. I've been here for 3 seasons now and the hard work from day 1 has started to pay off this season and I've managed to transform the squad into a squad that can challenge. When I first took over we were in debt and had no players of note so the turnaround at the club has been fantastic.

What is your opinion on your Walsall squad?

I think we have 1 of the best squads in the league but that alone doesn't guarantee success. We'll continue to try and invest but for the time being am more than happy with what we've got and feel it's just a matter of time before we achieve success on the pitch.

Do you think your team is capable of achieving promotion this season?

Absolutely, like I've already said I think we have one of the better squads in the league. It's a long season and we have a big squad and they'll all have a part to play.

Who would you say is your most valuable player?

I'd say Dembele, We picked him up for peanuts when I first come in and he single handedly kept us in Div 3 with 20 goals in 21 games. Add that to last seasons 26 in 36 from CM and we know we have a very special player.

Which teams in this division do you think will do well this season?

Obviously you've got your early pace setters in Watford and Ipswich but there's a few other good sides around. Barnsley and Bournemouth have adapted really well to life in Div 3 then you have Northampton and Swansea who should both be a lot higher than they are currently but I'm sure they'll come good so there's a lot of good sides in this league and it's gonna be very difficult to get out of.

Who is your main rival?

Can't really look beyond Bournemouth, obviously managed by my brother and they fancy there chances as a dark horse for promotion again this year so no doubt there the first games I check for when the fixtures come out.

Your Walsall team, beat your brother Joshua's Bournemouth on Monday night in the cup. How did that feel and what are your thoughts about tomorrow's game?

It was nice to progress whilst also getting one over on Josh but at the same time both sides made 10 changes so the result will have no bearing on Wednesday's league game. Were missing 2 massive players in Dembele and Motta which is a blow but hopefully whoever is given the nod to come in can do a job and we can get a positive result.

What's your prediction on the games full time result?

I'm not gonna sit here and say were gonna win because you never know in football but were in good form and with home advantage were confident.

Thank you for taking your time to speak to me Tony and good luck for tomorrow.


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