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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

D3 Team Reviews Part 1



Managed by John James

(56 games/average of 2.43 points)

Currently laying in 1st place and in a decent form.
Got knocked out of the English Cup in the first round to
Blackpool. Squad looking pretty strong but lacks depth.

Player to watch
Pavlyuchenko - Scored 7 goals/9 assists in 10 games

My opinion
They only have 15 players that could make a 
difference so I can see them struggling as the season goes
on with Shield Cup matches added to the schedule. Additions are
needed if they are to go for promotion.


Managed by Gonzalo Higuain
(259 games/average 1.62 points)

Laying in 2nd place, just a point behind league leaders.
In great form, without a loss in 5 games. Knocked out of the
Shield Cup this week by Peterborough. Attacking side of the squad
is fantastic but lacks depth at the back with only 5 defenders and
2 of them being out injured.

Player to watch
Neymar - Scored 12 goals/9 assists in 11 games

My opinion
Doing very well at this stage of the season and I think
they could be up for promotion but defense needs strengthening as
soon as.


Managed by Tony Harman
(123 games/average 1.84 points)

Laying in 3rd place, 2 points behind the league leaders.
In fantastic form all round, still in all cup competitions.
Great squad, with plenty of talent all over the pitch with good cover.

Player to watch
Adebayor - Scored 8 goals/3 assists in 11 games

My opinion
In overall I'm very impressed by this squad, strong team all round.
I think they will do very well and go for promotion if they don't 
suffer too many injuries. Saying that they have pretty decent cover 
all over. Walsall are a team to watch this season.


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