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Monday, 18 February 2013

D3 Team Reviews Part 3



Managed by Mr Active
(64 games/average of 2.17 points)

Currently laying in 7th place, they are hoping for back to back promotion after winning div 4 last season. Not going to be a easy task, but it's not an impossible ask.
Squad is decent with some sort of depth. Could do with a couple more decent midfielders and a striker to improve. Now out of both cups so can fully concentrate on the league.

Player to watch
Elmander (AM/FC) - Scored 9 goals/2 assists in 11 games.

My opinion
There is some quality in the team and a bit of depth but they do suffer with a weak midfield. Injuries to their midfield or even one of the 2 midfielders on loan being called back could destroy their campaign. 
Their form has been a bit of a hit and miss this season so sorry to say but I personally cant see them get promoted unless the midfield is strengthened soon.


Managed by Joshua Harman
(102 games/average of 2.44 points)

After their recent good form, Bournemouth lay in 5th place and continue to impress. Flying with confidence this team look very strong with plenty of depth. How ever their defense falls short of at least 1-2  decent players.
Already have silverware this season after winning the Charity Shield. Still in the English cup where they are hoping for the same success as last season when they won the cup.
Also still in the SMFA Shield, where they finished second and have qualified for the knock out stages. They now face Parma in the first round.

Player to watch
Rossi (FC) - Scored 3 goals/3 assists in 4 games.
Incredible new signing as showed what he is capable of already.
At the cost of only £14m, this could well be the signing of the year. I don't understand what the Newcastle manager was doing selling him for so cheap.

My opinion
I think this squad will do well this season, providing its big stars stay injury free. Can see them get a top 6 finish with ease. Obvious small weakness at the back, again if they suffer injuries or suspension there. After chatting and getting to know manager Joshua a bit, this determined character will do his best to improve and turn any negatives into positives in no time.
Still in two competitions so I wouldn't put it past them to cause a couple more shockers this season.


Managed by Josh Horne
(11 games/average of 1.82 points)

Currently laying in 9th place, still in the English Shield facing Walsall next round.
Doing pretty decent for the squad they have available. Very small squad but with a decent amount of talent in there. Few more midfielders and maybe another striker needed to strengthen this team and add a little more depth.

Player to watch
Gil (DC) - Scored 3 goals in 13 games.
In form center back playing exceptionally well and even helping with a few goals.

My opinion
Decent enough squad with some very good talent, but for me it's lacks depth and some real quality in some areas. Obviously the midfield could do with maybe one or two more wingers and a center mid.
Mid table finish with current squad if I had to bet on this, but it is still early days.


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