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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Turn 14 - Divsion 2 predictions

Coventry vs aston villa

Coventry have appointed eric snow in charge who has a good track record and has a preferred 4-4-2 formation . Coventry have been on dreadful form lately leading to the manager change whilst aston villa have steadly improved this season and they have much better morale and quality amongst there ranks and this should see them win it.

Prediction : Coventry 0 vs 3 Aston villa

Plymouth vs preston

Plymouth have a remarkable young side , Full of talent with an attacking edge. This approach has been a lot less successful so far this season as the teams are harder than last season. Plymouth seem to favour 3 - 5 -2 and had terrific game against aston villa which very lost somehow. Preston have appointed matthew who have been on there best run of the season winning 3 out of 3 but are deep in the relegation mire but the players seem to have a better fight and with matthew's knowhow , Im expecting them to come away with a point

Prediction : Plymouth 1 vs 1 preston

Swansea vs Manchester city

Swansea are a club stuck in mid table medocrity , they have a manager who is not capable of taking them to the next level and is dragging them down to a relegation battle which they should be at the playoffs really. Manchester city have been tumbling down the football league table and were shocking heading towards a second relegation but Rob walshe has been city's night in shining armour, hes made brave decisions and has got rid of ronaldo for 2 quality players which should help balance the team among other signings . Walshe has a amazing team on his hands and if he can do half the job that he has done then city fans will be in for a treat. Swansea have a young 3 man defence which city's amazing forward talent will destroy the defence

Prediction - Swansea 0 - 6 manchester city

Reading vs watford

Reading have been on a dreadful run , due to the work of there poor previous manager bail now mike who has come from swindon. Mike has done his utter best to stem the tide of results without sucess so far. Reading have got to pick themselves up for a long fight they have this season to survive .

Reading 2 VS 1 watford

Bristol city VS Hull

Bristol city have been on a amazing with the amazing sean turning the corner signing some world class players like defoe. Sean has got his tactics spot on too with there strong and powerful midfield being the difference so far in these games whilst haveing great prem players like pavuchenko , defoe , richardson , corluka , amongst many others. City's manager has built a great team chemistry with one of the reasons if Sean tells a player off they cant understand his welsh accent so take it as joke. City's premier league class in the championship will be way to hot for hull

Prediction - Bristol city 5 - 0 hull

Derby county vs Sheffield united

Sheffield united have premier league class running through there veins , Facilties, stadium , players , manager everything screams premier league! They have been on a very good run of form with there forwards scoreing lots of goals and derby well sit one place below them !! Nikidiho has done a great job turning derby around and deseves so much credit for it. Sheffield united have no injury worries whilst derby have 2 key central defenders at a time when they face a fearsome fwd team.

Prediction - Derby county 2 vs 3 sheffield united

Cardiff vs burnley

Two clubs in mid table both are improveing steadly. Cardiff have not improved since last season too much opting for a steady progression . Burnley have not improved at all stuck right in the middle of the table. Cardiff have a fwd force that puts fear into teams whilst having a defence which makes them laugh. Cardiff must improve defence to win this game

Prediction - Cardiff 2 - 0 burnley


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