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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Blogspys Around the Divisions Part 3


The Blog Spy has been out and about at a few more grounds again this week geared up with his high-tech surveilence equipment and has been in contact with a few of his moles.

Click Read More at the bottom to find out what grounds he has been visiting.

The Blog Spy Predictions :Part 3

Div 1 -Middlesborough-
Promoted to this division last season , the manager has put together an enviable squad brining in a few great players to add to an already good side .The team is full of risers but is a little slim on first team quality , especially in midfield.If the manager stregthens up a little then maybe he can trouble the big boys , but I do not predict that to happen until next season.

Blogspys Prediction 7th

Div 2 Sheffielf United -

finished 9th in this league last season and there is no reason why they shouldn't better taht this season as they have invested well in the transfer market increasing the team average/value and teh youth team.
First Squad is just a little slim to be title contenders but a play-off place looks teh lkely outcome .

Blogspys prediction 6th .

Div 3 Bury-

Bury have been busy in the transfer market signing no less than six 20/21 yolds all rated 87 .If more transfers like that come in this newly promoted team could well push up the top half of the table.

Blogspys prediction 9th

Division 4 Brighton and Hove Albion-

Last years 6th placed finishers are Piecing together a great squad and are surely one of the title favourites .I expect them to go up in the top 2 .Looks like they are not finished with the building work so you never know they may just win it.

Blogspys prediction 2nd.


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