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Friday, 3 December 2010

Fulhams Italian Job

Fulham boss Dominic latouche has recently said that fulham's cluster of italian stallions have played a major part in making Fulham a suprise package this season with Iganzio abate and marco motta two of the best young upcoming Rb's in the business have often been rotated to keep them happy with them making a combined 33 apperances with motta getting 3 more than abate.

Another one is former udinese and juventus winger simone pepe who has played a small part this season but when hes come on he has set the pitch alight with 5 games he has scored 3 goals and 4 assists he will have a much bigger part to play he has so much talent.

Simone perrota who took a lot of critism for the teams woeful performances at the start of the season but ever since the new man has come in he has breathed life into a jaded man , Perrota for the second half of the season has been argueably been fulhams most improved player with good stats of 28 apperances leading to 5 goals and 4 man of the match performances and he is argueably been the reason that his best freind and his former roma team mate aquilani has settled in that midfield so well.

But we now come to the big two Alberto Aquilani who came very late in january, the former liverpool reject who was sold to juventus for 13.5 million came to fulham in the januray transfer window but he has quickly become a crowd favourite with stunning performances in his 12 games in charge he has scored 12 goals and set up 7 goals and this is including a stunning hat - trick he has a BIG future at the craven.

And last but not least fulhams most influencial player and big name Francesco Totti who has been a regular consistently with good figures of 27 apperances leading to 8 goals , 7 assists and 5 man of the match performances for a 34 year old guy this is impressive stuff and he has helped the other Forwards immensely by giving them tips and simply doing a captain's job and he has been named fulhams player of the Year too!!


  1. Excellent article, you have a good team there with plenty of experience.

  2. Or said another way, there's still some hope with all those old men...

  3. Is it true that next season you are being sponsored by ''pizza hut''?