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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

One Man United


"There's only one Man United" I suppose there is, but at the moment they really are one man United, as they rely on Wayne Rooney to fire them to Divison 1 success this season. United on the whole have possibly underachieved this season, but thanks to Wayne Rooney's magical goalscoring charm the side are currently top of the league with 5 games to go, as he really is the man who they rely on as they look to win Divison 1 this season.

As for the title race, it looks Newcastle United are too many points behind to win the league, as there six points behind the top spot with just five games remaining. Liverpool have a chance, although they'll certainly need to step up to win the title whilst the main two in the title race seem to be West Ham United and Manchester United.

They've only picked up seven points in the last six games, as they seem to be slowing down in form. And although Dimitar Berbatov has had a good season, they do seem to be relying on one man to do all the work for them. That man is Wayne Rooney. Although it didn't look like things were going Rooney's way at the World Cup, he's responded as by far Manchester United's star player with 26 goals, 19 assists and 14 MOTM's along with an average rating of 8.41 and if he keeps up this sort of form then he could well be guiding Manchester United to a title win.

But will this one man have enough to earn Manchester United a Season 1 Divison 1 league title, with West Ham and Liverpool both lurking behind Manchester United looking to overtake them by the end of the season. I think with his goals, Manchester United can edge the Hammers to winning the title personally - but next season they'll need to look for a lot more outlets in quality rather then just Wayne Rooney who they seem to have put all there hopes in.


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